These snacks are delicious!  My son has a severe peanut allergy and he is also allergic to eggs.  We bought a few packages of these when we were in Kansas City and he loved them, as did all of us!!!  We will definitely be buying more!!  
Chris P., Missouri

My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and had an anaphylactic reaction to nuts when she was 3 years old and it completely turned our lives upside down. So few foods were safe for her to eat which affected her both physically and emotionally. When she first tried Safely Delicious Yummy Classic Bites, her face lit up! Not only were they incredibly delicious, but they were also safe for her to eat!! We are now addicted to them and can't stop eating them!! What a great treasure to find which is safe for everyone to enjoy!!   Tammy R., Kansas

So yummy!  Thank you so much Lisa!!!  So impressed!  Diana C., California

Finally!  A crunchy chocolate-y snack that I can have.  After 3 years of being gluten & dairy free, you get a tad bit tired of 85% cocoa bars to kill that craving.  I want a crunch; I want some variety!  And in finding out that I am also sensitive to eggs & soy...what's a girl to do?  I wanted something delicious & safe to day I stumbled upon a mom just trying to make a difference.  Safely Delicious lives up to its name!  Not only being allergy-friendly, but absolutely delicious with fun flavors using seasonal flavors.  You never can have enough!  My favorite is Yummy Winter Bites.  Yummy dark chocolate with a burst of mint.  The best!  Try some.  You won't be disappointed!  Lailee B., Kansas

We received the Yummy Dark Bites in a nut-free Tasterie box this week.  SO DELICIOUS!  They were a hit with the whole family.  We'll be placing an order for sure.  Jill A., Facebook

These are amazing and are absolutely addictive!!  It is wonderful to have such a tasty treat be allergy friendly and gluten free!  My daughter is thrilled to be able to safely enjoy such a delicious treat!!  Tammy K., Kansas