Safely Delicious™ Raspberry Bites - 1 oz


Made with rich dark chocolate and tangy-sweet raspberries.  The great tasting, allergy-friendly snack that is crunchy and sweet, with the added taste of raspberries. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nuts Free, Soy Free, Egg Free and Vegan.  Safely Delicious™ snack bites also have no cholesterol, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives and they are an excellent source of iron.

Perfect for gifts, parties (holiday, school, birthday, graduation, work, etc.), employee break rooms, lunch boxes, etc.

Available in 1 oz and 3 oz bags.

INGREDIENTS: Toasted Cereal (rice, sugar, salt, calcium chloride, molasses), Powdered Sugar (sugar, cornstarch), Dark Chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar), Non-Peanut Spread (brown peas, canola oil, icing sugar [contains cornstarch], palm oil, mono-& diglycerides, citric acid), Vegetable Oil Blend (palm fruit, canola, safflower, flax, olive oils, and water), Raspberries, Vanilla Extract. 

Made in a dedicated commercial facility containing no gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, soy or egg.

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