Frequently Asked Questions

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You can find the nutritional information for each product in the product description in our online store or in-store on our product package.

 Yes all of our products are nut-free including peanuts and tree nuts.


Yes our allergy-free snacks are indeed dairy-free. 

Safely Delicious products are indeed egg-free!


Yes, all of our snacks are sesame free, so dive right in!

Yes, every product in our online store and in-store is gluten-free. We have a wide variety of snacks that are perfect for those with a gluten-free allergy or diet.

Yes, we have a wide variety of vegan-friendly snacks that are perfect for those on a plant-based diet. All of our vegan products are made with all-natural, allergy-free ingredients.

Our products are safe for school. We have a wide variety of allergen-free snacks that are perfect for those with food allergies. Your kids can snack safely at school, on birthdays, or even on special occasions with a product that includes them in the fun.

Our products are made in a dedicated licensed commercial facility in Kansas containing no gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, or sesame.

Yes , we offer bulk purchase orders for our products. Contact us for more information if you're interested in purchasing wholesale.