But "I" Don't Have Food Allergies

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For some reason, as soon as we tell someone who doesn't have food allergies, about our Safely Delicious snacks, they will be quick to tell us they don't need our snacks. However, once they try our products, they will be pleasantly surprised, and comment how DELICIOUS it is. 

Since starting this business, we have been telling people our snacks are allergy friendly.  Free of the Top 11 Food Allergens.  Vegan.  No artificial colors.  No artificial flavors.  No preservatives.  

Then it hit us...popcorn is the same.  It is also an allergy friendly snack that usually only consists of corn, salt and oil.

But no one says “oh, I don’t have food allergies, so I’m not going to eat or buy popcorn - because I don’t need “that” snack.”  Most people eat and enjoy popcorn.  Plain popcorn and all the other flavorful versions available now.

Why Choose Safely Delicious?

We see our Safely Delicious snacks the same as popcorn, and seek to help others see what we see (and know) is true about our products.    

Sure, Safely Delicious® snacks are the PERFECT snack for those with food allergies.  Perfect for people with Celiac disease and other GI issues and disease.  But guess what? THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!  Like popcorn.  Even if you don’t have food allergies, Safely Delicious® snacks are still a YUMMY snack for almost everyone. Allergies or not.

If you have food allergies, especially more than one food allergy, chances are our snacks can meet your snack needs.  But if you don’t have food allergies, please don’t let that STOP you from trying and eating our snacks.  If anything, those without food allergies who are purchasing our products to eat, are helping those with food allergies feel included.  And isn’t that what everyone wants to feel - INCLUDED.  

As a mom of four children with multiple food allergies, Founder & Owner Lisa Ragan knows (as do her kids) from personal experience, there are many allergy-friendly products out there, but not all of them are great tasting.  While those products may be safe to eat, many are not very tasty. Lisa's mission was (and still is) to create products that look and taste like the foods her kid's friends are eating, but without the food allergens they need to avoid.

We believe we have achieved this with our products.  And we want EVERYONE to know that!  People with food allergies or not! 

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